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New family to take over the taps at 4 Hearts Brewing and Pumpyard Bar

New family to take over the taps at 4 Hearts Brewing and Pumpyard Bar

Nine years after creating and launching 4 Hearts Brewing and the Pumpyard Bar, the city’s first working brewery since the early 1900s, owners James and Tracey Long have made the decision to hand the baton over to the next custodian of the iconic Ipswich destination.

The Anderson family will officially take over the reins, or rather the taps, later in the new financial year, with son Jack contributing to management and brewing roles, ably supported by his mum, Karen, and dad, Deryk.

It wasn’t an easy decision for James and Tracey to make. However, given the couple’s other extensive business commitments, they acknowledged that they could no longer give the Pumpyard Bar the energy and attention its customers deserve.

“We realise that what the Pumpyard needs is a dedicated owner/operator with the time and passion to take what our team has created to the next level,” James said.

“4 Hearts Brewing and the Pumpyard have been a part of the rich tapestry of the city for 9 years, and it’s time to hand them over to the next custodians, someone with a genuine passion for craft beer,” he added.

Both James and Tracey knew it would be hard to let the Pumpyard go but are thrilled to be passing it on to one of their own – Brassall-based Jack, who has been a volunteer brewer with the business for some time, and his parents.

“It’s a little sad, but the time is right, and we are happy to be handing over to the Anderson family whom we know will work hard to keep the unique Pumpyard experience alive,” Tracey said.

“4 Hearts has been a part of our tribe for so long, in fact all our children can attribute their work ethics to their jobs at the Pumpyard, so it feels right to be passing on the baton to a like-minded family who are equally as passionate about craft beer and our local community,” she added.

The Anderson family’s love of craft beer was born from dad Deryk’s time living in Virginia, where he was surrounded by breweries. When he returned to Queensland in 2019, Deryk shared his newfound obsession with Jack, who immediately threw himself into learning all he could about the business of beer.

Jack has completed a number of brewing qualifications, which led him to a work experience placement at the Pumpyard. He liked it so much he never left. In fact, he liked it so much, he bought the business!

It truly is a family affair for the Andersons.

“I remember when Dad came back from Virginia in 2019 – he fell in love with the craft brewing scene and told us that brewing beer was his new retirement plan,” Jack recalls.

The family took a bold step towards Deryk’s goal, starting with homebrewing before turning their passion into a business by launching Stony Creek Brewing in 2020, producing and canning craft beer on a small scale.

Purchasing the Pumpyard Bar was a natural progression and an easy decision for the beer-loving Anderson family when the opportunity arose.

So, what are their plans for the Pumpyard Bar?
“First and foremost, we want to honor the incredible legacy of 4 Hearts and the Pumpyard,” Jack said. “Our customers don’t need to worry – we won’t be making massive changes. We will be keeping all the staff and just adding our own touches.

“The craft beer scene has evolved so much since 4 Hearts was launched, and we want to bring some new, refreshing takes on what a craft brewery could be to the Pumpyard,” Jack added. “As hands-on owner/operators and a beer-mad family, we are confident we can do just that.”

James and Tracey are thrilled that the Pumpyard will continue at the 88 Limestone Precinct and can’t wait to see it go from strength to strength.

“The Pumpyard really belongs to the City of Ipswich – it’s a part of its DNA, and we can’t wait to support the Anderson family as they take what started out as our dream and make it truly their own,” James said.

“We will be there, in the alleyway, with a cold beer in hand, cheering them on,” added Tracey.


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